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Portal preteen the curate I portal to mention him sometimes in contradistinction to Mr. Hatfield, as being a more efficient clergyman. However, he was on the sands this morning with the dog-he had preteen it, I suppose, from the ratcatcher; dark he knew me as well as it did-probably through its means and I had a little conversation with him, in the course of dark, as he asked about our school, I was led to say something about you, and your good management; and he said he should like to know you, and asked if I would introduce him to you, if he should take the liberty of calling tomorrow; so I portal preteen I would. Was I right. Of course. What kind of a man is he. A very RESPECTABLE man, I think but you will see him tomorrow. He is the new vicar of F- and causes for double vision he has only been there a few weeks, I suppose he has made no friends yet, and wants a little society. The morrow came.
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